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Eye-Tracking Innovation Research for Chemistry Education

Eye-tracking software and hardware can detect the smallest movement. That’s why it’s used in virtual reality, market research, gaming, and even automotive safety.

It’s also the next frontier when it comes to designing a comprehensive distance learning experience for chemistry students. How? Eye-tracking technology can help you collect data on how your students are performing, understand where they’re struggling, and even improve their lesson retention.

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Eye-Tracking Technology

Revolutionizing distance learning for chemistry students and educators

Insight Into Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Tobii hardware and software measures eye movement in milliseconds, making it possible to evaluate where students are focusing their attention, their level of engagement, whether they understand the material, and where they might be veering off-course.

Better Lessons, More Confidence

Once you have insight into your students’ critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, you can begin to design learning experiences that increase their confidence, reinforce their identity as capable learners, and support their ongoing participation in STEM.

A Promising Future for STEM Education

Eye-tracking research can help us to better understand the stress response, attention, emotion, motivation, decision making, and memory; reduce learning anxiety; develop enriching educational environments for both neurotypical and neuro-atypical learners.

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The Atlanta-based Innovative Learning Center, founded by Dr. Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, specializes in conducting innovative research and evaluation to increase students’ success in STEM subjects. 

Through intensive research and evaluation practices, Dr. Blackmon and her team are on a mission to use self-report and objective assessment data to reveal invisible barriers, lift up each student’s unique talents, and encourage diverse representation in STEM education and in the STEM workforce.

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